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Civil War Heroes.

20 Mar

I don’t have much to say today, folks. But, I have a strong gumption to share my thoughts on a band that is stirring up a lot of interest around the country right now. 

There comes a band every great once in a while that just “gets it” for me. I’ve known and listened to the Civil Wars for a long time, but it wasn’t until I watched the rest of the nation fall for their rootsy-pop-country performance at the Grammy’s that I gave them a second listen. Then a third…and fourth and so on. 

Maybe it’s self indulgent. Okay, I know it’s self indulgent. This band is what I always wanted out of my musical ventures.  Growing up with my mom blaring 80s & 90s country, my dad raving on southern blues rock and my innate love for 60s and 70s singer/songwriters, who was I kidding…I was born for this. Though during my formative musical years, with my all-but smokey, sultry bad-ass voice and punk rock personality, I had settled on the idea of someday playing the female lead in a musical theater rendition of Janis Joplin’s life (even if I had to smoke 3 packs a day to do it). Then, after wasting 3 years of my college life deciding I was more of the singer-songwriter type and writing mediocre-at-best songs, I decided that songwriting was best left to someone else. 

And then I went in to marketing. 

But hey, even if I didn’t get there with my music at least I can take comfort in the fact that this band did. And I can feel somewhat of a redemption in the American pop-music culture…maybe we are on to something here. 

So, kudos to you @thecivilwars. Kudos to you. 


A…A…Album Release!

15 Dec

Time to give away some kick ass stuff…for a minimal fee!

By now you may or may not have (depending on your level of familiarity with me my social skillzzzzz) noticed that I have somewhere around three friends, including my husband. Don’t worry, it’s by choice. One of these friends I’ve known my whole life, for all intensive purposes we will call him “music”.  Music has been the constant craving in my life for, well, ever.

Now, the other friend I’ve known going on 10 years and his name is Ryan M. Brewer.  I know some of you may be feeling sorry for me because you have probably realized that, indeed, Ryan M. Brewer and my husband are best friends. But, believe it or not, this usually just makes for extra fun nights out and the occasional shenanigans.

Aren’t they cute?

I digress. The point of this blog isn’t to give you warm, fuzzy best friend feelings or to make you jealous that they are so darn precious. The point is to let you know about the marriage of my first friend in life, music, and my now oldest friend in life, Ryan. (Don’t worry buddy, that’s not a jab at your age or emerging geriatric tendencies)

Yes, that’s right- Ryan M. Brewer is releasing his first full solo album in February. I’ve been listening to Ryan play music his whole career, and friends, there is something to be said about a person that just gets it. Not only is he lyrically mesmerizing, he has developed into the kind of musician today’s scene is craving. A real one. Trust me, I don’t say these things because I’m his friend. He’s put out some shitty stuff over the years, but most musicians do…mostly to make a buck or two.

So- was that enough hype for you? If not, go ahead and leave the page as the rest is not for you. If so, read on.

Now, as promised, the kick ass stuff.

Ryan M. Brewer music is offering the following exclusive pre sale package to 5 of my lucky readers for $40. This package is listed at $50 (yes, I paid the full price…jerk), so that’s a whopping 20% off!

Don’t be dummy, give this musician your money:

  • a physical copy of the album on it’s release date of 2/4/12.

    Sneak peak of the album cover!

  • an immediate download of the digital copy of the album
  • 1 bonus track (only available as part of this bundle)
  • 3 ryan m. brewer music stickers

  • 1 hand made, silk-screened tshirt (of a design exclusive to this bundle)
  • 1 hand made poster, signed by the artist and numbered for exclusivity/authenticity
  • access to an exclusive youtube playlist of an acoustic performance of each song on the album
  • special thanks in the liners notes of the album
  • handwritten lyrics to each song on the album

The Details:

Go to ryanmbrewer.bandcamp.com and underneath where it says “exclusive presale bundle” click “preorder now”. 
Upon inputting the necessary information, enter the discount code: arinandersonblog.  After completing this process, Ryan tells me “i’ll receive an email saying you bought the bundle and that i need to send you some cool stuff in return…and you’ll get an immediate download of the digital copy of the album.”

Offer expires 12/21/11.

And if you made it down this far- I hope you take advantage of this great offer and support this one-of-a-kind emerging artist.