Candles and Sandals

28 Feb

Why you shouldn’t take the little things for granted.

In my first week on the job as Marketing Director for Warm Glow Candles, one of my tasks was to come up with a theme, slew of slogans and logo for our Spring Open House coming up in May.

I had been tossing around the idea of a play on “then and now” as we are expanding with at least one new building. Well, one new-old building. We are moving and re-purposing the first Warm Glow building — nothing like holding on to your roots as you move forward. Great theme- but proving to be difficult with  regards the fun, cheeky Joes Crab Shack-like slogans and characters my boss was also wanting.

So, Friday rolls around and I’ve still got nothing. Not a damn thing. It’s my first week, I’ve got something to prove and I have zilch. My boss pulls me in to her office, presumably to talk about the theme of the Open House- and to my surprise she has a been in a meeting with a lady from Lindsay Phillips.

*Note: for those of you who don’t know, Lindsay Phillips sells customizable sandals. You can change the straps and pendants, etc… Very boutique, relatively kick-ass.

I digress. My boss then says, I want to model the Open House around this new shoe line we will have in the store and we will start with these coral and teal colors. She decides to buy every employee those sandals and matching Warm Glow tshirts for the event.

And then it happened. Like I was the most genious marketer on the planet. 

Wait for it…

Yep. SANDALS rhymes with CANDLES. Perfect.

And that is how our Spring Open House theme was born. The littlest piece of the puzzle, a new sandal line, sprouted an entire theme. Don’t take the little things for granted. Don’t forget to look at EVERY piece of the puzzle when you’re dealing with a bit of brain drain.

Stay tuned for more fun stories about Spring Fever: Candles and Sandals and as always, keep rockin’


Here's a sneak peak at Glowy the Candle...preparing for her big event!


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