Football and Dip

4 Jan

Alright, friends! Today’s recipe is brought to you by THE @CS_Indy in his blogging…and recipe debut! Is your office hosting a football party? Maybe a week of pitch-in Super Bowl supporting fun? The recipe below is simple, delicious and a sure fire hit for an entry level chef. Don’t scoff at the simplicity, sometimes the integrity of an ingredient is enough to carry a dish through for the win…and let’s face it, who doesn’t love cream cheese and chili?!?!

From the simple, yet surprisingly big head of Mr. CS Indy himself: Enjoy!

My beautiful girlfriend @peterose82 introduced me to this magical recipe a few years ago. As you may have guessed by Arin’s clever title here, it is a dip and we eat during football games. Thus the name Football Dip was born. You can eat it as an appetizer or, like me, just eat it as a meal. It has the main food groups covered so it has to be good for you right? Chili has meat and tomatoes (which can be a fruit or vegetable, this case we will go with both), cheese covers the dairy, and, as with any good dip, we eat it with chips so you got the grain/bread part covered.

Football Dip in three easy 3 ingredients

1 box cream cheese..leave out so its soft. But not too long or it’ll go bad.

1 can chili..beans, no beans, whatever you like.

Shredded cheese… We use Mexican whatever’sonsale Cheese.  Use what you want…its cheese it can’t be bad, right?

Put the cream cheese in a dish. We use a glass one. It’s round. About 8-9 inches across. Spread it out evenly. Dump your choice of chili on it, spread it out, cover that with your shredded cheese until you think you have enough. Then add more, can’t have too much cheese. Put this all in the oven. The oven needs to be on HOT. Leave it in till the cheese melts. Easy. Maybe 10-15 minutes tops, depends on how HOT you make the oven I guess.

Now we usually eat this dip with Baked Scoops because they are lower in fat and all that other stuff. They help offset the amount of calories in everything else. At least it sounds good. You can use whatever type of chip you want.




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