Motivation is Key.

13 Dec

Today’s post is a simple question of motivation.

What motivates you? (We aren’t talking material bullshit here people. I mean, really, what motivates you?)

Recently, my husband and I had a conversation sparking me to really look at what motivates me to work, to keep moving forward. It’s funny, I always assumed I was motivated by personal success. I was born with a determination and drive akin only to that of l’il brudder. My husband assumed he was motivated by money. But the longer we talked the more we realized our motivation was simple: the ability to provide for our family and move forward together is what drives both of us to work everyday. Do I like the 130 miles I drive every day to work in a haphazardly run office as their sole “marketer”? Not particularly. Does my husband, who’s company thrives on the latest technology, really enjoy working in a region that barely supports emerging media? Probably not. I can’t speak for him, but I know that as frustrating as it gets at times, I want nothing more than to succeed. And I will work whatever shitty job or take whatever quicksand laden steps that journey requires.

Not for myself…but for these two people who changed my life.

After all…not alot of people would climb up in your bed to sing you songs when you’re sick.

Click to see the sweetest thing on the planet.

…or act like a pirate when your feeling ugly during a photo shoot- just to make you smile.

Thoughts? What motivates you?


2 Responses to “Motivation is Key.”

  1. randy clark December 13, 2011 at 4:53 pm #

    In my mind workplace motivation is an infographic. What motivates people at work and to work may be different. Like you, I have always been motivated to provide for my loved ones, but what motivates us at work? What pushes anyone to do his or her best? What demotivates us into “putting in our time”? I have often heard people explain money was their key motivator, but when asked if they’d ever considered or taken a position for less income many answered they have. If someone leaves a position for a new position earning less money – was money truly the motivator? More often than not I’ve found many are more motivated by

    · Recognition
    · Flexible scheduling
    · Being part of a team
    · A boss they can talk to
    · Benefits

    In another section of my minds infographic personality types from sociopaths to highly empathic people are considered. A sociopath may be motivated by money, power, control, while a highly empathetic person may be motivated by solving problems, fulfilling needs, and helping others. Most of us probably fall somewhere in-between.

    Does motivation change with age, experience, or the number of positions? How does the type of work, mission of the organization, and culture affect motivation? How about working at home as opposed to a workplace?

    Thanks for the thought provoking post Arin. What motivated you to write it?

    • arinanderson December 13, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

      I think what motivated me to write was the idea of complicated simplicity. I know how I’ve always thought of myself and what I think motivates me, but when I really started to think about it, there was so much more to it. We may think our motivations are simple, and frankly, we probably don’t think about them much. But, as you stated above, there are so many different things that factor into workplace motivation. You also bring up an interesting point: Does motivation change? I think it definitely does- what motivated me at my first job out of college is not the same thing that motivates me now. Thanks for building on the thought, Randy!

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