Posers Pansies and Princesses

12 Dec

Here we go, folks. Love it or hate it- AA is in full swing. The things you will find on this blog will be real, uncensored and potentially detrimental to my career at times. But, to put it bluntly, I’m tired of the posers, pansies and princesses strewn about social media. It’s time to get real. No more fluffy, we love each other because we are supposed to rainbows, unicorns and butterflies bull crap (yes, I will try to keep my sailor mouth to a minimum…no promises though). This is not to say there will not be sincere happy times to come on this blog- but it is to say, if you are looking for archived “positive vibes”, cliche “words of encouragement” or shallow “my job, my industry and my life are always awesome!” posts, this blog is not for you.

Remember- the first step is admitting you have a problem.

I hope, as this adventure develops for me, you can join me in my quest to find the people behind the avatars, the minds behind the tweets, the reasons behind the likes and comments and, really, the life behind this thing we call a digital world. Who knows, maybe you’ll even learn a little something about me (0ops, there’s that narcissism again.)

So, to start things off, here’s a little cartoon. Enjoy.


One Response to “Posers Pansies and Princesses”

  1. @ryanmbrewer December 12, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

    good first post. there’s an idea here that makes me excited about the possibilities of this conversation. that’s not even social media bullshit. i really believe it. although there should at least be some mention of pitiful pancakes in all that alliteration.

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